The Oglesby Charitable Trust has commissioned several reports about health inequality in our city region. This represents several years of research and thinking, we have gathered together case studies of some of the best, some of the most innovative and some of the most caring approaches to tackling health inequalities.

A Shared Responsibility

Tackling Inequalities in Health Across Greater Manchester

A Shared Responsibility - Summary(.PDF, 8.84Mb)

A Shared Responsibility

Tackling Inequalities in Health Across Greater Manchester

A Shared Responsibility - Full Report (.PDF, 273.87kb)

A Healthy Profit

Aspens and Upton-by-Chester High School

A Healthy Profit.pdf(.PDF, 29.87kb)

A Mile in their Shoes

Home-Start North Manchester

A Mile in Their Shoes.pdf(.PDF, 32.76kb)

A Place to Be

Place2Be at Claremont Primary School, Manchester

A Place to Be.pdf(.PDF, 36.26kb)

Beyond the Walls

Youth Zones, Onside, Manchester

Beyond the Walls.pdf(.PDF, 35.70kb)

Close to Home

Manchester Communications Agency

Close to Home.pdf(.PDF, 33.25kb)

Food for Building Social Relationships

Cheetham Primary Academy

The Proof of the Pudding.pdf(.PDF, 29.38kb)

Handled with Care

Manchester Carers Forum

Handled with Care.pdf(.PDF, 34.12kb)

Healthcare with a Difference

Hilltop Surgery, Hope Citadel Pratice, Fitton Hill

Hope and Healthcare.pdf(.PDF, 29.43kb)

Meaningful Approach to Dementia

The Debenham Project, Suffolk

Debenham A Meaningful Response.pdf(.PDF, 35.72kb)

Online Medical Records Access

Personal Medical Records at Houghton Medical Centres, Denton & Hyde, Thameside

The Experts in the Room.pdf(.PDF, 32.60kb)

Our House, Our Home, Our Health

Great Places Housing Group; Connected Communities

Our House Our Home Our Health.pdf(.PDF, 33.77kb)

Patients Like Me

PatientsLikeMe ; Healthtalkonline ; (websites)

Patients Like Me.pdf(.PDF, 33.18kb)

Real World Relationships

Explore ; Straight Talking

Real World Relationships.pdf(.PDF, 32.18kb)

Retail Relationships

Kapoor Healthy Living Pharmacies, Greater Manchester

Retail Relationships.pdf(.PDF, 36.83kb)

Routes out of Homelessness

The Mustard Tree, Ancoats, Manchester

The Balance of Power.pdf(.PDF, 34.23kb)

Supporting Vulnerable Girls

Love4Life, Leicester

The Gold Within.pdf(.PDF, 35.65kb)

The Heart of the Matter

Salford Heart Care

The Heart of the Matter.pdf(.PDF, 34.57kb)

Working with Families:


A Healthy Home.pdf(.PDF, 34.00kb)