Policy and Advocacy

You can get involved with Shared Health’s work with homeless families by helping us campaign for policy change and building a network of advocates; across housing, Councils, national government and local communities.

There are a few quick actions you can take in your local area, across Greater Manchester and nationally. We would also like to hear from you if you work in any area connected to homeless families or are interested to find out more about our advocacy work, just send us an email at: [link].

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Email your local Councillor and ask them to put forward our council motion on homeless families. Or if you are a Local Councillor, please get in touch about the issues behind our motion and how we can support you to bring it forward.

See our motion template.


A council motion allows individual Councillors to create or alter a local policy your Council is responsible for. They do this by bringing a motion (speech) to full council and convincing other Councillors to support it. The document you are sending is a proposed motion, this can be edited or added to, it’s just a suggestion, but contains some very achievable policy changes for local councils.

Find your local Councillors here.

City Region

Email your Mayor and ask what work they and their Combined Authority are doing with homeless families. Most mayors have strong commitments on street homelessness, but are less vocal about homeless families, what policies or campaigns they have in place to support homeless families, or what they are doing to reduce the numbers of families becoming homeless in their city region.

You can use our template email here (sample link text), edit it or create your own, the more individual the better for getting their attention.

You can find the contact details for your local Mayor here: (sample link text)

If you work for a Combined Authority, Mayor’s Office or Health and Social Care Partnership, please get in touch. We would love to share our work in Greater Manchester and hear what best practice your city region is undertaking.


Email your local MP to encourage them to ask questions about family homelessness in Parliament and join our APPG on Households in Temporary Accommodation, you can find who your local MP is and their contact details at: (sample link text)

Here’s a template (sample link text)

You can find out more about our national advocacy work via the Households in Temporary Accommodation APPG website.