We collate an abundance of evidence from our work on the ground, both qualitative and quantitative. Below is a selection of our reports and publications, highlighting both evidence and solutions. Scroll down for our Podcasts and Videos.

‘The Debt Trap’ report – Women’s stories of navigating family homelessness and TA in Greater Manchester

Women and children are stuck in a ‘debt trap’. This research report evidences how rental, council tax, and other personal debts are shaping families’ housing journeys into and on from homelessness and temporary accommodation. Debt not only causes, lengthens, but also outlives family homelessness.

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‘Hope in the Deep End’ Podcast by Shared Health Foundation

Welcome to our podcast ‘Hope in the Deep End’, brought to you by the Shared Health Foundation. In this podcast series we are exploring all the different complexities of working in areas of deprivation, poverty and entrenched health inequalities. From clinicians to youth workers, we want to inspire, challenge and give inspiration to all those that…

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Focused Care for Homeless Families – Oldham Council Pilot

Shared Health Foundation began working with Oldham Council’s Housing Team in April 2020, during the initial lockdown period of the pandemic, with our unique ‘Focused Care’ model. This report outlines the benefits of this local authority partnership and celebrates the health outcomes of our families.

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Housing, Homelessness and Children’s Social Care: Towards an Urgent Research Agenda

There has been little work looking at the effects of poor housing and homelessness on shaping demand for social care. After reviewing the available evidence, this article raises housing as a critical issue for children’s social care and makes the case for an urgent research agenda.

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Families experiencing homelessness: Concerns and solutions

This article explains how a clinician-led third sector organisation in Greater Manchester has issued a call to action requiring healthcare providers and service commissioners to adapt to improve health outcomes

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Housing and Children’s Health and Social Care

A review of literature and suggestions for further research. The complexities of how poor housing may be impacting the use of paediatric health and social care services are discussed and suggestions made for better practice and integration.

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Call to Action

To safeguard homeless families during the COVID-19 pandemic and in its aftermath. There is an absence of discussion and detail on a national level about the impact of Covid-19 on families who are homeless. We are gravely concerned about this ‘hidden homeless’ population, for whom the pandemic has made invisible.

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Tackling Causes and Consequences Health Inequalities

A Practical Guide Aimed at doctors and their wider multidisciplinary teams, this book provides key knowledge and practical advice on how to address the causes and consequences of health inequalities to achieve better outcomes for patients.

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Homeless Families

The Gold Standard: A Proposal Exploring the difficulties facing homeless families and the agencies supporting them. This report sets out to highlight the issues and summarises the changes which need to be implemented.

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A Shared Responsibility

The report marked the culmination of an 18-month study. Analysing case studies from a range of effective voluntary sector and community organisations, highlighted ‘what works’ when tackling complex health and social care problems.

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Audio & Video

Our team and board frequently appear in video and audio, sharing more about our work, priorities and findings.