34 children had died, with Temporary Accommodation being listed as a contributing factor to their untimely death. Most of these children were babies under 1 year of age.

Currently, there is no statutory requirement to provide a cot or Moses basket for children under 2 in Temporary Accommodation.

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Experts in health inequalities

We are a clinically-led and evidence-based non-profit, passionate about reducing the impact poverty has on health. 

Good health should be shared with all. It should not be damaged by social or economic disadvantage.

We exist to mitigate the effects of the inverse care law, adding capacity to systems which are otherwise overwhelmed by complex needs.

We conduct on-the-ground work to identify challenges, pilot solutions, build an evidence base and then work alongside local and national organisations and policy makers to implement system change.


How we do it

We work by promoting innovation, integrated working and co-production.


We ensure we are not duplicating but provide unique solutions and promoting best practice. We are not afraid to take risks and learn just as much from what doesn’t work as what does.

Integrated working

Improving health outcomes should not be down to one sector alone. We ensure the VCSE, health, education, social care and political sectors are working together - promoting the idea that it is everyone’s responsibility to support the health of our communities.


We are strong advocates that there is a wealth of knowledge and solutions amongst our communities. Our work, projects and outcomes happen with our communities, not to them.

Our supporters


More about Shared Health


We work on innovative projects that have a measurable impact. From preparing health professionals to tackle health inequality, to building resilience in vulnerable patients, to advocating for disadvantaged families.

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We always share our findings and recommendations from our work, in the hope that others will build on our efforts both at clinical and policy level.

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About Us

Our team combines expertise from health, education and VCSEs to find what works in tackling complex health and social care problems, and help to implement it.

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