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Welcome to our podcast ‘Hope in the Deep End‘, brought to you by the Shared Health Foundation.

In this podcast series we are exploring all the different complexities of working in areas of deprivation, poverty and entrenched health inequalities. From clinicians to youth workers, we want to inspire, challenge and give inspiration to all those that work in the deep end.

In this episode we meet Alex Bax, CEO of Pathway

Pathway is the UK’s leading homeless healthcare charity; and has helped 11 hospitals in England to create teams who take care of over 3500 homeless patients every year. Pathway also carries out research and provides training through the Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health, a network of more than 1700 people who are passionate about healthcare for excluded groups. People who have been homeless are included in every area of our work.

Laura and Alex discuss the welfare state, the impact of shame and what hope we can bring to the most entrenched situations.

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