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Teaching available for medical professionals

We deliver teaching about health inequalities across the North West. We teach…

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Reports and editorials from our projects and team members

Doctors in Deprivation Training Day Tuesday 27th June 2023

Doctors in Deprivation Training Day Tuesday 27th June 2023 Join us at our annual education event where we will give Primary Care staff the tools and knowledge to provide an environment in your workplace where everyone has the best chance of living a healthy life, regardless of their circumstances. The pressures on Primary Care have increased year on year, and there is no sign of this stopping, especially in areas…

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Health Inequalities Training Day – Tuesday 28th June 2022

A day of clinical training and inspiring stories about achieving quality healthcare in the areas that need it the most. Due to our passion for training those who work in tackling health inequalities, we have been able to secure further funding that has enabled us to offer FREE tickets for this event. Places are limited so please book ASAP before 20th June 2022.  Any tickets already bought will be re-funded in full….

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We’re Hiring! Focused Care Practitioner for Homeless Families

The closing date is 12 June 2022 Apply for this job NHS jobs, ref no: J183-E0039-22-144 Job summary Please Note: The Focused Care Practitioner role will be seconded to Shared Health Foundation. The role is specifically to work in homeless families Bed & Breakfast Accommodation in the Rochdale and Harpurhey area.  Focused Care has been born out of a response that in primary care many people come with problems and…

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We’re Hiring! Shared Health Foundation Graduate Role

Shared Health Foundation Graduate Role Please send CV and cover letter to Deadline 10th June. Come and join The Shared Health Foundation in reducing the impact of poverty inequalities in Greater Manchester. We are looking for a recently graduated person who is passionate about improving our communities and wants to learn. This is a brilliant opportunity to work alongside colleagues on a range of genuinely impactful projects. You will…

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Digital Content Creator Job Vacancy

Shared Health is a not-for-profit community interest company whose aim is to reduce the impact that poverty has on health. Our team is passionate about addressing the health inequalities across Greater Manchester and pilots innovative projects to meet the needs of our communities in the most deprived areas. Shared Health are looking for a digital content creator to join our team to help tell the story of our work in…

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Why are so many BAME people dying of COVID-19?

Racism is a public health issue. This has been undeniable since the advent of the health inequalities movement. Yet, the increasing traction of the Black Lives Matter protests and their juxtaposition with the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought it to the forefront of the world’s imagination. In April, analysis by the Guardian found that 19% of patients who had died in hospital with COVID-19 were Black, Asian and…

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Health Inequalities haven’t changed. They have increased. Thoughts from the Marmot report.

Before all this (the big C word) kicked off I found myself sitting in London listening to a man I had long admired. In fact, I was sat in a rather grand hall in Westminster with Michael Marmot delivering his summary of the nation’s progress to addressing health inequalities over the last 10 years. Marmot’s report about fairer societies published 10 years ago had been the background and constant for…

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Do mental health problems exist within ourselves or within our societies?

A perspective for Mental Health Awareness Week. Mental Health Awareness Week has been accompanied by a cascade of newspaper reports and social media posts encouraging people to talk more openly about their mental health. Nurturing a society with positive attitudes towards their emotional wellbeing and a tendency to accept and support those around them who are struggling is invaluable. However, framing mental health issues in this way places the responsibility…

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Health inequalities at worst during Covid-19

At the time of writing, COVID-19 has taken the lives of over 33,000 people in the UK. The wrath of health inequalities in the UK is still prevalent during these times and rules the life expectancy outcomes of the poor. The death rate in deprived areas is twice as high as in richer areas. People living in poorer areas are more likely to die of coronavirus because of a myriad…

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What is hidden Homelessness?

The media focuses on rough sleepers, homeless beggars and the overall homeless crisis in Manchester. It is only more recent that hidden homelessness has become a talking point, particularly as families make up the numbers of hidden homelessness. From Manchester alone there are 1,500 families in dispersed housing located across other boroughs such as Oldham, Rochdale and Salford and there are over 100 families living in B&Bs. When presenting homeless…

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